Weight guide

How much does your parcel weigh?

You’ll need to know your parcel’s actual weight and its volumetric weight, as the delivery rate is calculated on whichever is the greater.

So, how do you calculate the volumetric weight?

There are two ways

1. You can go down the easy path and jump onto our quick quote page, enter your destination information and the dimensions of the parcel in centimetres,
2. You can grab the nearest calculator and follow these steps:

The volumetric conversion rate

Multiply the height (cm) x width (cm) x length (cm) divided by the volumetric conversion factor (5000cc)

if a parcel size is:
Height: 50cm
Width: 30cm
Length: 50cm

Multiply the height x width x length divided by volumetric conversion (5000) to get volumetric weight.
from our example: (Height) 50cm x (Width) 30cm x (Length) 50cm = 75000 / 5000 = 15kgs
So, if the actual weight of this parcel was 5 kilograms and the volumetric weight was 15 kilograms,
the greater weight of 15 kilograms is used to calculate the price.